Our Baby Birds

World Of Birds has been raising baby hand-fed birds since 1984. We started with Lovebirds and Cockatiels, and they still remain some of our favorites.

Baby birds are similar to human babies in their care and upbringing. They have to be nurtured, fed, changed and played with every day -- not placed in some dark room and just fed every day. Over the years we've discovered that their chance of preferring one sex to the other can be eliminated by having both guys and dolls feed and play with them.

At the age of three to four weeks our baby birds start their life in our store nursery where large windows let them see everything that's going on. At the age of six weeks they graduate to our nursery playpen where they get to play and socialize with the other babies. Their next big step is to our main playpen in the middle of the store. Here everybody gets to see and handle them up close and personal.

Seventy percent of our customers own more than one bird, making the socialization of their babies very important. A deposit is usually placed on the baby while we are still hand-feeding them. The customer then comes to the store several times a week to bond with their new bird. When the babies are weaned and eating on their own they are ready to go to their new home. The bonding period is a very important step. It makes the transition from our nursery to your home a pleasurable one.